Pipeline cloning

The Clone pipeline function lets you duplicate the currently selected data pipeline in order to visualize multiple datasets side by side, or visualize the same dataset in several different ways. The function can be invoked by selecting EditClone pipeline from the main menu, which is depicted in the screenshot.

The Clone pipeline dialog is shown to let you configure the cloning operation. Once you close the dialog with the Ok button, the cloning operation is executed according to the settings you made (see below).

After the pipeline has been cloned, both the new and the old data pipeline will be part of the current visualization scene and you will see two objects in the viewports. One of the pipelines is the currently selected pipeline, whose modifiers are shown in the pipeline editor. The drop-down listbox at the top of the command panel's modification page indicates which pipeline is the selected one and allows you to switch between all pipelines of the current scene. You can also click on an object in the interactive viewports in order select the data pipeline that is associated with that object. The currently selected object is typically indicated by a white simulation box color.

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