Distinct features of OVITO Pro

OVITO Pro provides exclusive capabilities that only research professionals need. The following key features are not available in our free version of the software and require a paid license. And more is to come.

Create professional visualizations

High-quality visuals are essential for a clear, convincing depiction of your simulation models on presentation slides and in publications. Use the high-fidelity ray-tracing engines OSPRay and Tachyon of OVITO Pro for optimal visualization results.
Ambient occlusion and depth of focus effects let your 3d models appear more vivid.

More insights thanks to useful analysis tools

Complex particle simulations can be difficult to interpret due to their large number of unstructured degrees of freedom and the wealth of information encoded in the trajectory data. OVITO Pro provides new powerful tools that help you analyze the simulation trajectories in the way you need it:

Efficient data processing via Python scripting

OVITO Pro comes with a comprehensive Python programming interface, which lets you leverage its full capabilities in additional scenarios:

  • Integrate OVITO with your custom Python-based processing workflows
  • Run trajectory analyses on the HPC machine
  • Use OVITO’s functions in Jupyter notebooks
  • Save time through automation and reproducible workflows

Tailor OVITO to your needs

As a platform, OVITO already provides many built-in analysis and visualization tools for common situations. However, almost any research problem has some unique aspects and thus requires a new, specific solution. OVITO Pro gives you the option to develop custom data analysis and visualization functions by writing just a few lines of Python code. These user-defined “modifiers” integrate seamlessly into the interactive user interface of OVITO, letting you immediately and visually access computation results.

Let the experts help you

We want to ensure that you are able to use our software in the most effective way. Save time and troubles by letting the us help you solve your specific data analysis problems with the right tools and Python APIs available in OVITO Pro. As a paying licensee you will receive priority technical support directly from the OVITO team of scientists and developers.

Try OVITO Pro!

We offer a free 14-days evaluation license.