OVITO Pro and OVITO Basic

Dr. Alexander StukowskiDr. Constanze Kalcher

We (the OVITO team) provide two variants of the software: OVITO Basic and OVITO Pro. The two differ in terms of the program features and licensing conditions.

OVITO Basic is made available to the research community free of charge and provides the basic functionality typically needed by occasional users, who want an easy way to visualize particle-based simulations. This edition of OVITO is also meant for students and teachers, who use the software in a classroom setting. The source code of OVITO Basic is freely available, giving you open access to the algorithms that operate under the hood. We also invite you to contribute new code to this version of OVITO under the MIT and GNU GPL open source licenses and share your developments with the research community.

OVITO Pro is made available for a fee (coming in Q2/2020) and addresses the needs of professional researchers, who require features such as scripting capabilities, advanced data analysis tools and high-quality image rendering functions. The proceeds from the sales of OVITO Pro enable us to further extend the code and continue making well-maintained program packages available to the community on a long-term basis. Furthermore, buyers of a OVITO Pro license receive priority support directly from us, the OVITO team. Note that the development of OVITO is no longer funded by any public institution, and we now work on a freelance basis out of Germany. The upside is we can now invest much more time into making OVITO better than ever before.

Note that this user manual covers both editions of OVITO. Program features exclusively available in the Pro edition are marked with the following tag throughout this manual:

If you have any questions or comments, please get in touch with us. You can find our email contacts and up to date information on OVITO Pro on our website www.ovito.org.

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