Simulation cell (visual element)

This visual element renders the simulation cell as a wireframe box.


Render cell

Determines whether the cell is visible in rendered images and movies. If you uncheck this option, the cell will still be visible in the interactive viewports of OVITO. To hide the cell in the interactive viewports as well as in rendered images, uncheck the box to left of the "Simulation cell" entry in the pipeline editor.

Line width

OVITO renders the simulation cell edges as thin cylinders with a finite diameter. This parameters controls the diameter of these cylinders in units of length of the simulation. When importing a new simulation cell, the line width is automatically set by OVITO relative to the diameter of the simulation cell.

Line color

The color used for rendering the cell edges.

Note that the line width and line color settings control how the cell appears in rendered images of the scene. In the interactive viewports, the cell is always rendered as white (or black) wireframe.