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Adjust size of atoms depending on properties

Dear OVITO developers,


I was wondering if there is a simple way to set the size of atoms after having selected them using "Expression select". In practice, I wish to show in smaller size the particles that are amorphous so one better observes the cristal structures.



Dear Julien,

OVITO's Compute Property modifier provides a simple way of setting the radius of individual atoms. Assuming the atoms whose size you want to change are already selected, all you need to do is select "Radius" as output property, turn on the "Compute only for selected elements" option and enter the desired radius value into the expression field.

Alternatively, you can enter more complex expressions to set the size of atoms based on some other property, for example their structural type. The conditional operator ("? :") is helpful here. This may free you from having to select the subset of atoms first.


Dear Alexander,


This was very helpful. I was not aware of that option.


Thanks a lot,