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Blank white screen while opening ovito

Hi everyone, I am new to ovito and I have been running ovito for a month smoothly without any problems until just now, when I opened my ovito, a white screen appears. I have no idea what is going on. I try uninstalling and reinstalling it but nothing's changed.

It would be great if someone could provide some assistance. Thank you.

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That's odd. What operating system are you using? And is this OVITO Basic 3.5.2?



my desktop is running on Windows 10, and yes this is the latest OVITO Basic 3.5.2.

But the first time I encountered this problem was when I was using the previous version I suppose.

I was using OVITO this morning and this worked well, then when I try again this afternoon, it gave me this blank screen.

FYI I am remote-controlling this desktop, but I suppose that shouldnt be a problem.

Thank you.

What kind of remote desktop solution do you use? And do you have the possibility to locally test OVITO on the computer?

A "blank program window" or screen seems to be a common problem of remote desktop setups (according to my online search). It may be related to OVITO's use of the OpenGL programming interface to access the 3d graphics hardware.

Here are two exemplary discussion threads for popular remote desktop solutions:

Windows RDP: Current state and solutions for OpenGL over Windows Remote - Stack Overflow

TeamViewer: Some applications does not show content (white window) Windows 10 host — TeamViewer Support

I am using Teamviewer and another china software. both had the same results.

Unfortunately my laptop couldnt even launch OVITO, just snapped out the moment I clicked into it.

My graphic card model is INTEL (R) Graphics 3000.

I will look into the link you provided, and is it possible to run OVITO on my laptop as well?

Thank you very much.

Note that my question was aimed at the remote machine, not your laptop: Does OVITO work normally if you physically sit in front of the screen of the remote machine instead of connecting to it via TeamViewer from your laptop?

Regarding local operation on your laptop: We had received reports from other OVITO users in the past, who also encountered compatibility problems with the old Intel HD Graphics 3000 chip on the Windows platform. My hope was that the new OpenGL renderer implementation that we introduced with OVITO 3.5.x would perhaps solve such problems. But your statement points in the other direction. The old HD Graphics 3000 (from the year 2011) simply seems not capable of providing the GPU features required to run OVITO.

Sorry for misunderstanding your questions, the desktop is in another country but I had someone to take a look at it.

And the problem was solved, OVITO back to normal, which I dont know why as my laboratory colleague doesnt do anything specifically on the desktop as well.

Anyways, thank you very much for your guidance and assistance.

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