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[Bug] Ovito always crashing on first startup

I have noticed that whenever I open a gsd file, OVITO crashes if it's not already open. I have to try to open the gsd file again for OVITO to open without crashing. If I quit OVITO manually and try to open the file again, it will crash upon startup, and so on. Happens on two Macs I've tested. Let me know if I can help with crash logs.

OVITO 3.2.1 macOS 10.15.6 Catalina

Dear Oion,

It sounds like this is a regression in the recently published OVITO 3.2.1 that didn't occur in older program versions. However, so far I couldn't reproduce the program crash on my computer. The following test files can be opened without problems in OVITO Pro 3.2.1 under macOS:

Could you please try opening some of these files as well to find out whether the program crash is specific to your input file?

Furthermore, I am not sure whether I fully understand the behavior you describe. How exactly do you open the GSD file? From outside the program (e.g. using macOS Finder) or from inside the program (when OVITO is already started, using its "Load file" menu function)? And how can a GSD file already be open if the program crashes while loading a GSD file? Perhaps you can clarify this aspect for me. Thank you.

A second thing you can check is whether the program crash depends on your local application settings. Try resetting the program back to its factory default state by temporarily moving the configuration file $HOME/Library/Preferences/org.ovito.Ovito.plist before starting OVITO and opening the GSD file.