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[Bug] Rendering non-existant frames

I have a trajectory that has 100 frames. Let's say I try to render frames in the range from 0 to 200. I have two bugs to report that I've faced:

Bug 1:

Expected behavior: when OVITO gets to the 100th frame, it should stop as there are no more frames.
Actual Behavior: OVITO keeps rendering the 100th frame for 100 more frames. The result is a movie which is twice as long as it should be, with the latter half being just the last frame of the trajectory. It also wastes computational resources trying to re-render the last frame of the trajectory.

Bug 2:

Expected behavior: I am able to cancel rendering anytime after the 100th frame.
Actual behavior: when I try to cancel rendering after the 100th frame is rendered (and OVITO is re-rendering the last frame), the program "freezes" and I need to force quit it.

I am using OVITO 3.0.0 on macOS.


Thanks for reporting these issues.

The first issue is not really a bug, but I agree that this program behavior is probably unexpected for you and other users. We should change it and stop rendering once the end of the active timeline is reached.

I have difficulties reproducing the second issue you described. Maybe the specific circumstances play a role here. What kind of modifiers are in your data pipeline (if any)? And which rendering engine did you use (OpenGL/Tachyon/OSPRay)?