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Building OVITO on Windows Platform

Hi, I want to build OVITO on windows, but there is insufficient available instructions  in the user manual of OVITO. I have absolutely no idea about it. So could you please help me get in touch with the developers for the step-by-step instructions of compiling OVITO and making OVITO run on windows platform?


Looking forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes


This is not a simple question. How to build the old OVITO 2.9.0 codebase on Windows was never really documented because it depended on so many third-party libraries, and building them was already a big challenge. It definitely required suffering and a lot of experience with different build tools to build OVITO 2.9.0 and its dependencies on Windows. Also, it may well be that today, 5 years after the release of OVITO 2.9.0, new difficulties arise in the process because dependencies have changed.

Is there a special reason for you to compile the source code yourself? Wouldn't it be easier to use the 5 year old installation package?

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