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Can OVITO render single polymer chain among the polymer systems (units: full)

Dear all,

I am simulating the motion of polymer melt by LAMMPS. Is it possible to render one polymer chain of polymer melts which I concerns.

The units is full. And  my OVITO is Pro (Version 3.4.4).

I would be really appreciated for any advices you provide.


Hi Yuanqi,

Could you please send me some example data? Then I can try to help.

If you prefer to not upload your data here, you can use the official email support.


Dear Dr. Kalcher,

It is so glad to receive your responds. I am so sorry to ask such an simple and foolish question. I figure it out by myself. The OVITO contains the typed properties, such as  Molecule Type. So I can directly use "Expression selection" and set "MoleculeIdentifier ==2" for selecting my target polymer chains. It is easy and convenient.



Ah perfect, I'm glad you were able to resolve this.

Have a nice weekend.

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