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Capping a sliced isosurface

I've created an isosurface from volumetric data and have sliced that isosurface to see a cross section of it.  I would like the new surface created by slicing to be capped with a solid (opaque) plane, but only in those locations bounded by the isosurface.  From playing around, I have not yet seen a straightforward way to accomplish this.  Is there any method (i.e., complex, multiple steps) to accomplish this?  I've included a picture show the sliced isosurface without the capped cross section.

Uploaded files:
  • cross-section.jpg

No, I am sorry, I don't think there is way to accomplish this with the current version of OVITO. But that feature is already on our development roadmap and we want to add this capability to OVITO in the near future. In fact, we intend to implement a function that will allow you to not only visualise the cap polygon of the isosurface but also color the cross-sectional area based on the volumetric field values.

I'll keep in mind that your are interested in this capability and will contact you once we have a first working version in OVITO.

Thanks for the quick reply.  I'll be looking forward to that functionality -- and the coloring based on volumetric value will be great, too!