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Color coding capped isosurface

I posted about this topic about a year ago, and I see new functionality has been added to color code an isosurface -- that's awesome!

What I need, additionally, is to color code the capped isosurface based on the volumetric data used to generate the isosurface.  I don't know if this would be difficult to implement, but it would be really quite helpful!

Hi Scott,

Thanks for bringing this idea up. Yes, implementing this particular feature is more difficult than everything else, it seems. That's why I have deferred the work for some time until I come up with a good idea of how to integrate it into the existing framework.

The problem is that the construction of the caps (for a periodic isosurface mesh) currently happens at a later stage and independently of the construction of the isosurface itself (from the volumetric data). This makes it difficult to base the meshing and the coloring of the cap faces on the original volumetric information.

Then, of course, OVITO also has the Slice modifier, which can now generate colored cross-sections of the volumetric data. But this happens independently of any isosurfaces one may create before or after. So it's difficult to clip the cross-section exactly at the isosurface.

I will try to find a good solution for this problem and contact you again if there are any news. Of course, if you have any ideas or want to specify your requirements more precisely, feel free to comment.


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