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coordination analysis in 2d in version 3.5.0

I think that there is a glitch in the normalisation of the radial distribution function computed in two dimensions in version 3.5.0: while in version 3.1.0 this converges to 1 for large interparticle distances, in version 3.5.0 it grows indefinitely, even if I explicitly set the dimensionality of the system to 2, see attached image. Is this a known bug?

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  • gr.png


Could you please test this with the latest version of OVITO? It may well be that this issue was fixed in release 3.5.3, see the list of changes here: Let's see if the glitch you encountered originates from the same bug.


Yes, it is solved. Somehow version 3.5.0 did not remind me of the updates so I missed the latest versions. Thank you.

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