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Could not import "ovito" in Jupyter notebook


After I installed ovito by "conda install --strict-channel-priority -c -c conda-forge ovito", I could not successfully import ovito module in Jupyter notebook. There was an error as below:

     18 # Load the native module with the core bindings.
---> 19 from .plugins.PyScript import (version, version_string, gui_mode, headless_mode, Scene, scene, dataset, enable_logging, gui)
     20 from .plugins.PyScript import (Pipeline, RootSceneNode, PipelineObject, PipelineStatus)

ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'ovito.plugins.PyScript'

I wonder that how can I solve this problem? 
Many thanks in advance.


I haven't seen this problem before. We'll need to find out why the module ovito.plugins.PyScript, which is the shared library containing Ovito's core C++ code, cannot be found or loaded by the Python interpreter. Maybe the installation is broken, or something interferes with the module search order.

Does import ovito work if you call it outside of a Jupyter notebook? For example, when you run python3 -c "import ovito" from an Anaconda terminal window? And which operating system and Anaconda distribution do you use by the way?


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