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Dark mode for UI on macOS

Would it be possible to add in a dark mode for Ovito's user interface? It would be really nice to have and less jarring on the eyes in dimmer situations. The black background goes half way, but an actual dark mode would be nice to have.

Here is an example from Apple of apps featuring dark mode. You can see how nice and pleasing to the eye they look.

More design instructions can be found here.


Thank you for this useful suggestion. I agree, having a dark mode in OVITO would be good, and it has already been on my internal to-do list. I figured that adding proper support for dark mode is not a trivial step though. This means the program feature probably has to wait some more time until we have finished a few more essential things higher on the list. But then I am going to take care of it.


Hi, I totally understand that it isn't something trivial to implement. Thank you very much for the response!


In case you are still interested: We now have an experimental version of Ovito with dark mode support on macOS.

OVITO Basic & Pro for macOS 12.x (Apple Silicon processors):

OVITO Basic & Pro for macOS 10.14 or above (Intel processors):


EDIT: Dark mode support is available in OVITO release 3.7.0

Uploaded files:
  • Screenshot-2022-01-06-at-09.14.45.png

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