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DislocationAnalysis.length.1/n<ijk> indicates the length of dislocations broken down by Burgers vector type.

DislocationAnalysis.length.1/6<112> means shockley dislocation.

DislocationAnalysis.length.1/3<111> means frank dislocation.

But I can't get hirth dislocation.

When I put 'data.attributes['DislocationAnalysis.length.1/3<001>']', It returns 'KeyError: "DataCollection contains no attribute named 'DislocationAnalysis.length.1/3<001>'."'


that's because the global attribute is called 'DislocationAnalysis.length.1/3<100>' not 'DislocationAnalysis.length.1/3<001>'.
You can look up the names of your global attributes by opening the Data inspector panel in the GUI, or in a script by adding the following:

def modify(frame, data):
   for attribute in data.attributes:

Hope that helps,


OK, I got it!


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