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Display of atoms in Ackland Jones analysis

Hello, I'd like to ask you a question about the atomic structure identified by Ackland Jones analysis.

Here is a screenshot of my question. In the structure identified by Ackland Jones analysis, if I don't select the other structure but the structure will be displayed in the model. What's the matter?

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Dear Hongcai Xie,

This is normal behavior. Even though the user interface allows you to deselect the "Other" structure in the list, the modifier will still classify atomic structures as "Other" if they do not match any of selected regular crystal structures. The "Other" structure type is special in the sense that it simply means that the atomic neighborhood of an atom does not resemble any of the regular structures that the Ackland-Jones algorithm can identify.

Note that in your case the crystal is finite and has surfaces (at least that is what OVITO thinks, because periodic boundary conditions have not been activated). The atoms on the surface do not have the 12 neighbors the bulk FCC atoms in the interior of the crystal have. That is why the Ackland-Jones algorithm classifies the surface atoms as "Other" (i.e. "non-FCC").

Thank you for your reply!

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