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Drawing a cylinder as the a simulation region (within the simulation cell) in all the frames


In my simulation, particles are confined in a cylinder and the PBC is along the axis of this cylinder. To visually study layering of the particles on the cylinder's wall, I would like to draw a cylinder based on the simulation cell information (r_cyl=x=y, z_cyl=z), have it in all the frames, and also in the movie that I want to render. Can Ovito do this? Do I need to use the "Python script viewport layer" functionality in the Pro version?

I currently use the basic version.

Thank you in advance for your response,


OVITO Basic/Pro can read arbitrary geometry as triangle meshes from STL, OBJ and VTK files. So you could use an external 3D construction tool, for example Blender or ParaView, to generate such a mesh file containing the cylinder geometry.

If the size of the cylinder wall varies with simulation time, you would have to figure out how to generate a series of such geometry files, one for each simulation trajectory frame and the correct size. OVITO is able to read such a file sequence in as an animation, in sync with the particle trajectory data.

Things would probably get a bit simpler in OVITO Pro, because there you would be able to use Python to dynamically rescale the (static) cylinder geometry to match the current simulation box size.