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"end-of-file" error when extracting the latest dev build

I downloaded v3.0.0-dev526 today to my RHEL 6 machine and upon extracting I get and end-of-file error from tar/gzip. I tried downloading the file multiple times but the size is the same each time so I'm pretty sure I got all of it. The binaries  do extract and appear to run, which is all I'm after, but figured I would still ask in case I'm missing something.

Hi Jesse,

I did my own testing today, and it appears there still is a general issue with the file downloads from our web server in conjunction with certain web browsers. I am still investigating the issue and looking for a solution.

One thing I did an hour ago is reconfiguring the way file downloads are served by our server, now circumventing the PHP engine altogether. I'm not sure though if this change has improved the situation. Downloads do not break up anymore, but I still see problems when downloading the .tar.gz archives using the Safari web browser (other file types or using Firefox seem to work better).

Please try downloading the file again and let me know how it goes. The downloaded file should have the following MD5 hash value if successful:

29aaaf0023e6854bd28c7caa352b66cf  ovito-3.0.0-dev526-x86_64.tar.gz


Well this is strange. I was able to download on a linux machine (using Firefox) and the md5 hash matches. However, I downloaded on my Windows machine at work, with both Chrome and Edge, and got a file that was about 350MB!

It seems that the .tar.gz file suffix causes trouble in some situations. The web browser might uncompress the data stream on the fly, writing the uncompressed .tar contents into a file that still has the .tar.gz suffix. This is why the resulting file turns out larger than expected.

Since I don't have the possibility to reconfigure our share-hosted web server, I simply resorted to a different workaround: I repackaged all Linux versions of Ovito to use the .tar.xz format. This archive provides better compression ratios and doesn't cause conflicts with the HTTP protocol compression.

I hope the download problems are resolved now. Please let me know if you still observe any issues.

Just to follow up, this worked for me. Thanks! And FYI, the link on the homepage (under "Get OVITO") still says "tar.gz binaries".