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Entry point not found errors on Windows

Hey folks,

I just installed 3.0.0 on Windows 10 (tried zip and installer) and I'm getting several of these entry point procedure errors. I didn't experience these with 2.9 (though I'm sure some of these libraries might not have been used in 2.9). The errors that pop up are:

The procedure entry point ?eventFilter@QAbstractItemView@@MEAA_NPEAVQObject@@PEAVQEvent@@@Z could not be located in the dynamic link library C:\<installpath>\Ovito\qscintilla2_qt5.dll

The procedure entry point ?isPublicID@QXmlUtils@@SA_NAEBXQString@@@Z could not be located in the dynamic link library C:\<AnacondaPath>\Anaconda3\Library\bin\Qt5Xml.dll

""" ?verticalScrollbarValueChanged@QTreeView@@MEAAXH@Z """ C:\<installpath>\Ovito\ovito.exe

""" ??Y?$QVector@VQPointF@@@@QEAAAEAVO@$$QEAVQPointF@@@Z """ C:\<installpath>\Ovito\ovito_qwt.dll

At first glance it looks like maybe I'm having an issue with Qt5 libraries, but I'm not sure were to start on fixing it. I also upgraded my Anaconda install, thinking that maybe the Anaconda dll that is being used might have had an issue. Any suggestions?

As a side note I used the Windows system file checker utility, and it didn't catch any issues.


Seth Martin

Hi Seth,

Please let me know what you did in the first place. Did you just run ovito.exe? Did you run ovitos.exe? Or something else?


I just ran ovito.exe


I noticed that the current program packages of Ovito 3.0.0-dev are broken, because the Qt5 DLLs are missing. I am working on a solution.

I fixed the build process now, I think. Please try  the updated installation package 3.0.0-dev563 for Windows. It contains the missing Qt5*.dll files. Let me know if it works now. I currently don't have access to a Windows computer to test it myself. Thanks.

Seems to be working. Thank you for your efforts.