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exporting a compute proprty

I computed a property value by computeproperty modifier.

I need its variation vs. time

How can I export such a file.

I should be mentioned that I can not see this property in the "attributes to export" list in the file export menu.



you need to distinguish between Global attributes and Particle Properties, please also have a look at the corresponding manual entries I have linked for you. You can use the Compute property modifier only to create a new particle property, not a global attribute.

Global attributes can be exported through OVITO's file export function "Table of values". Particle properties are typically exported along with the atom id's and position vectors, as a snapshot of the current configuration, e.g. as "xyz" or "lammps-data" file format.

Let me know what you were trying to calculate, then I can give you more specific instructions.

Thanks for your reply

actually I would like to compute the rotation of a group of atoms by computing the angle between two selected atoms. I think computing the value of (z2-z1)/(x2-x1) for those atoms can help me but I cannot have a successful export. Please do me a favor and held me

Thanks again.

Could you please explain what you mean by computing an angle between two selected atoms. In order to compute an angle you will need three particles. Or did you mean to measure how the distance vector between two particles changes with time?

In any case, you cannot use the Compute property modifier for that. You will most likely have to use the python scripting interface that comes with OVITO Pro.

However, before implement your own solution, maybe you could first try to use the Atomic Strain modifier, which allows you to calculate the local rotation, see