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Fancy surface mesh coloring

Dear Alex, dear Constanze,

low-priority request here. It would be pleasant to have some nice looking default coloring methods for the surface mesh modifier, especially ones containing several atom types (something like QuickSurf in VMD). It's great to be able to colorize it with a custom python script with the recent updates, but it takes ages due to iteration over all the mesh vertices, of course.

Best regards


Hi Arkadii,

The Construct Surface Mesh modifier provides the option to transfer the particle properties onto the mesh vertices, including the Color property. In OVITO build dev683 I have extended this capability also to the Gaussian density method, which is OVITO's version of the QuickSurf algorithm of VMD.

Note that only the Color particle property will be transferred to the mesh but not the Particle Type property, because it consists of integer values, which cannot be blended. However, you can let OVITO initialize the Color property from the particle type colors by applying the Manual Selection modifier (selecting 0 particles) followed by the Assign Color modifier, for example.

I'm not sure if this is what you have been asking for. Maybe you had something different in mind. Let me know.


Dear Alex,

the result is just stunning! It looks absolutely beautiful. Thank you!