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having struggle with running a modification feature(running python script)

When I try to run this - it says

cannot import name 'ParticleProperty' from ''

I am using ovito-pro-3.0.0. Also my gsd files are not compatible with older versions of ovito. So I need to modify this script . Can you help me with this.

Uploaded files:

Dear Hemani,

you can find the updated version (OVITO 3 syntax) of your custom modifier attached below.

Please note that in OVITO 3 the ParticleProperty and BondProperty classes have been replaced with the generic Property class, which provides the functionality common to all property types in OVITO.
You might find our OVITO 2.9 Migration guide helpful which explains all the changes made to the python interface in more detail, see

Let me know if you have further questions,


Uploaded files: