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How to use DSA private key for remote to load remote file?

My remote server does not support login by password, and I have to login by a DSA private key. I found that I cound not use sftp in OVITO by a DSA private key. Is there any solutions?


OVITO's built-in SSH client is based on libssh. It seems that DSA is not among the key types supported by libssh:

Are you restricted to DSA keys only due to the server configuration?


Yes. The server only support login by a DSA key for security.

I briefly considered the idea of integrating OpenSSH into OVITO as an alternative to libssh. OpenSSH is the standard ssh client implementation underlying the command line tool "ssh" available on most Unix/Linux systems. It is probably the tool you already use to access your server. However, even though OpenSSH used to support DSA keys, they have now turned this option off by default. See the information on this page:

It seems as if DSA was deprecated by OpenSSH and is later going to be entirely dropped, because it is considered less secure than other, stronger key algorithms such as RSA, RCDSA or ED25519.

In the light of these findings, developing a complete new ssh client for OVITO just to support DSA keys doesn't seem worth the considerable effort. Sooner or later your server's administrator will have to switch to a different key algorithm anyway, it seems. What do you think? Did you already contact the administrator of your computing cluster to inquire why they do not allow other ssh key algorithms?

I agree with you. Actually, the server also support login by a RSA key.