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how to use ovito module in Jupyter note

hello, I did successfully build ovito module in Pycharm. but, when i install ovito module in conda then I find ovito module can't be found. the error message is as following:

PySide2/ Unable to import shiboken2 from D:\Jupyter\ovito

please show me how to solve this problem.


The ovito Python module depends on the PySide2 module. Normally, when you install the ovito package for Anaconda, the pyside2 module should get automatically installed from the conda-forge channel. Can you please check if pyside2 is installed in your Anaconda Python environment? You can do so by executing the Python statement

import PySide2.QtCore

This statement should succeed without errors. Otherwise, please check if you can (re)install the pyside2 conda package from the conda forge channel.