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Hybrid style


I have a problem with running atom_style hybrid charge bond, because I don't see that option while loading LAMMPS data file.

How could I load such file type?

Best regards

Andrzej Grzyb


OVITO should be able to load LAMMPS data files with atom style "hybrid" in many cases. But perhaps the current support doesn't cover all situations. Could you please post the data file here, or at least part of it? In particular, I would like to have a look at the "Atoms" section of your file and the atom style hint that it contains (if any). Thanks.


Here is my LAMMPS data file. I cannot find hybrid style while opening it.



Uploaded files:

Thanks for providing the file for closer inspection.

OVITO doesn't allow you manually specify the sub-styles used in a LAMMPS data files with atom style hybrid during import. This kind of data files can only by opened by OVITO if they contain a style hint telling OVITO what the exact sub-styles are. When such a style hint is present in the file, OVITO won't have to ask the user which LAMMPS atom style is used in the simulation. By convention the style hint is appended to the Atoms section line (line 26 of your file):

Atoms  # hybrid charge bond

You will find similar hints in files written by LAMMPS via the write_data command.