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I want to take over settings with OVITO Pro


Thank you for creating good tool!

I would like to take over settings (Particle types, bond information, etc...)  in OVITO Pro.


for example there is two directories like this

-directory 1

|_ Water 1   (Set particle types as H: Dispray radius as 0.3 , O:Dispray  radius as 0.6)

-directory 2

|_ Water 2  (Not yet to set particle types)


I open directory 1 / Water 1 and set Particle types like example then open directory 2 /Water 2

In OVITO basic 3.3.5

Setting of Particle types  (H: Dispray radius as 0.3 , O:Dispray  radius as 0.6) took over directory 2 /Water 2

But in OVITO Pro 3.5.3

Setting of Particle types  were not taken over.  Setting of Particle types started over from default.


How should I do to continue to use setting in OVITO Pro.


Sorry for my terrible English:(



OVITO pro 3.5.3 on Windows

Hi Riku 🙂

In the newer version of OVITO Pro you are using, you should be able to explicitly tell OVITO to use the display radius you have set as default value. You can find these settings under the Data source section of the pipeline editor (as shown in attached screenshot).

Does this work for you?


Uploaded files:
  • particle-type-settings.png

Thank you for immediate reply Constanze.

I did not notice that function! It helps me a lot!


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