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Install in Linux(CentOS)and have the problem: WARNING: Application /public/software/ovito-2.9.0-x86_64/bin/ovit calling GLX 1.3 function "glXCreatePbuffer" when GLX 1.3 is not supported! This is an application bug!

When I install OVITO in LINUX(using.tar.xz file),  have the problem:

"WARNING: Application /public/software/ovito-2.9.0-x86_64/bin/ovit calling GLX 1.3 function "glXCreatePbuffer" when GLX 1.3 is not supported! This is an application bug!"

then I use ./ovito to launch it  in the bin directory, but  the display window with white screen.


Are you running Ovito on your local machine or through an SSH remote connection? Note that Ovito will only run locally, because it requires direct access to the graphics card through the OpenGL rendering interface.

Please execute the "glxinfo" system command and post its output here. It can help me further diagnose the problem.


Yes,I connect to the server through the xshell,maybe that's the problem. Thank you for answering the question.

Just for your information: If you need to execute OVITO on a remote machine for some reason, you can do it through a combination of VirtualGL and TurboVNC. This technique is more difficult to set up, but it will work better than X forwarding through an SSH connection.

Hello All,

I am new with Ovito. Is it possible to install Ovito in Ubuntu WSL? I was trying but i wasn't successful.




In general, running GUI applications within the Windows Subsystem for Linux seems to be not well supported, even less so for applications like OVITO requiring direct access to graphics hardware through the OpenGL interface. A longer discussion on the current status can be found here.

In other words, I cannot give you a definitive answer to your question, but I would be quite surprised if an application like OVITO did already work in WSL. WSL is made primarily for running terminal-based applications.

Is there a specific reason why you cannot use the regular Windows version of OVITO instead? Does your workflow require that OVITO is running inside of WSL?