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Dear Ovito developers,

I have thousands of input file to process and for that purpose I would like to use joblib to parallelize the loop over the input files. Is there a possibility to add a module like joblib in the ovitos script ? More generally, how can I link ovitos with my other python modules?




There generally are three alternative ways to use OVITO's Python programming interface in conjunction with other third-party Python modules:

  1. Install the required third-party module in the ovitos Python interpreter by running the command ovitos -m pip install <package> from the system terminal. This will install the module, which must by available in the PyPI online repository, in the embedded Python interpreter of OVITO, making it also available in the graphical user interface.
  2.  Install the ovito Python module in your system's Python interpreter, which already has the required third-party modules installed, by running python -m pip install -U ovito.
  3. If are using Anaconda Python, use the following command instead to install the ovito module in the environment: conda install -c -c conda-forge ovito=3.2.1

Let me know if you have further questions.