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load second data as trajectory

Dear all,

I'm partly working on molecular systems and Ovito supports them nicely. One can even create bonds and so on. What I would like to be added would be an "append to scene" or "load as trajectory" feature.

When loading a new file I can decide if I want to replace the old one or add it to the scene. But, working with Lammps, I have a data file, that contains the bond topology and from the simulation maybe just some dump files (that lack the bond information). Long thing short: It would be nice to load a "data" file with bond topology and paste one or several dump files as time information (where in the case of Lammps data and dump files could contain different data).

I've attached two files as minimal example.


Uploaded files:

Dear Wolfgang,

this can be done with the "Load trajectory modifier", please also see

So the procedure would be to first import the data file as usual and then pick the dump file as "Trajectory Source" in the Load trajectory modifier settings.


Hi Wolfgang,

Thank you for this suggestion. Could you please clarify whether the feature or program extension you have in mind here would be different from the Load Trajectory modifier that already exists in OVITO. From your description it doesn't become clear whether you are even aware of that modifier or not. The Load Trajectory modifier is typically used to load a pair of topology and trajectory files into OVITO, but it is a feature that can be easily overlooked.


Hi Alex,

you got me there. Although I'm updating the Ovito version every half year or so I'm lacking to check the version history. That feature is new to me, thanks for pointing it out. Exactly what I was looking for.