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menus on the wrong screen

Hi Constanze and Alex,

I just wanted to submit a small bug report. Nothing serious, but I thought you might want to know about it. I am using a 3 Monitor system, (Windows 10) and updated ovito just to version 7.4.0 (from an older Version, not 7.3, also zip file, not the installer). Whenever I have Ovito on screen 1 or 2 (windowed or maximized), any menu will open on screen 3. If ovito is on screen 3 (maximized or not) the behavior is normal as expected, see attached pics. I get this behaviour for both versions, pro as well as basic. Also confirmed on a second system of my colleague with two monitors. The menus (file or pipeline) show up on the screen with the highest number according to the MS windows sorting.

Nevertheless, the Linux version works flawlessly and also I am not sure how reproducible this is.

Kind regards


Uploaded files:
  • Ovito_modifier_1.png
  • Ovito_modifier_3.png

Hi Wolfgang,

Thank you for reporting this problem. I will look into it. Since previous versions of OVITO did not exhibit this issue, it must be an effect of the new Qt 6.2 GUI framework used by more recent versions of OVITO (3.7.0 or later).


Hi again,

So far I couldn't exactly reproduce the issue on my system, which is a laptop running Windows 11 - connected to an external monitor. As long as I place the Ovito main window fully within one of the screens, there is no problem. The drop-down list appears correctly placed. Only if I position the window halfway in between such that parts of it appear on both screens, the drop-down list can appear misplaced. This seems to be a problem related to different DPI scaling values of the two screens, similar to an old Qt bug reported here.

But in your case all screens are identical and use the same DPI scaling values, right? And are you using the built-in support of the operating system for the multi-screen setup under Windows, or are you using some third-party software or graphics utility to spread your desktop across multiple screens?

In any case, there may not be an easy solutions to this problem. The UI element used by Ovito is a regular Qt combo-box widget with a prescribed behavior. An application like Ovito doesn't have any influence on the positioning of the drop-down list, and I am afraid it's impossible to fix or work around this issue from the application side. Only if we can figure out under which circumstances this issue occurs (and can be reproduced), I could file a bug report to the upstream Qt project and there is a chance that the Qt developers will fix it eventually.

Hi Alex,

correct, all screens are the same size and only windows internal screen setup for extending the desktop.

Regarding finding the reason that is not a problem as we are using mainly under Linux. I just wanted to report in case anybody else experiences sth similar.  Anyhow i will try some other machines over time and if find a reasonable pattern I will update here.

Thanks for having a look and regards


I have the same problem
And this happens from the version 3.7.3
When I turn back to ver 3.7.2 everything work as normal


Thanks for the new hint. Going from Ovito release 3.7.2 to 3.7.3, I had updated the Qt framework, which  is used by the program for its graphical user interface, from Qt version 6.2.3 to 6.2.4. This would mean that the wrong popup window placement is a regression in the current release of the Qt framework (6.2.4 is the latest long-term support release published by the Qt company).

To be sure, could you please confirm that you tested in both cases our regular program packages for Windows? I am asking, because our program packages for the Anaconda environment are all based on a different version of the Qt framework (Qt 5.12), which probably exhibits an entirely different behavior.

Hi Alex,

I can confirm from my side. Tested with the Windows zipped versions.



Dear Alex,

I use the Ovito basic on Windows.
And find this error happens on both .exe and .zip releases of ver 3.7.3 and newers.


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