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migrate license

This may be of general interest.

Suppose I need to change my linux distribution where I have installed a Ovito Pro license. What are the folders I need to keep in order to maintain the activation ID after the upgrade?

Thank you for the help.


Hi Otello,

You can keep the folder ~/.config/Ovito, but it shouldn't be necessary. You can simply deactivate the installation from within your online account and then reenter the license key when you start up OVITO Pro again.


Hi Otello,

I just want to add that preserving the ~/.config/Ovito/ folder will probably not help if you perform a complete reinstall of the Linux distribution (not an upgrade). That's because the copy protection system of OVITO Pro will think that you are trying to run the software on a different computer and will regard the existing entitlement record as invalid. In this case it will require you to newly activate OVITO Pro.

As Constanze mentioned, this is generally not a problem, because you can perform as many new activations as you want - as long as you first delete the old installations in our license web interface.

In any case, preserving the ~/.config/Ovito/ folder is a good idea, because on Linux/macOS platforms it also contains your application settings, preferences and default parameters for OVITO.


Dear all,

thanks for the clarification, that's handy. I was thinking to preserve my local ~/.ssh folder, plus the /etc/ss* folders, as this is usually what I do to maintain the network identity of the machine.


Otello 🙂

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