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Miller indices mode in Slice modifier

Dear OVITO developers,

I find the new Miller indices mode in the Slice modifier confusing. It is said that under this mode the position of the cutting plane is in terms of interplanar spacing. However one needs a lattice and its orientation to define an interplanar spacing, so what is the lattice? The only modifier which calculates the structure and orientation is PTM, so does it perform a PTM on the background? Also if I use this modifier to slice through a polycrystal which orientation will it take to calculate the interplanar spacing, or in other words what will be the interplanar spacing?

Thanks in advance for your input. It will help if you can demonstrate will some examples.

Best regards,



The OVITO user manual says that the Miller indices for the Slice modifier are specified in terms of reciprocal cell space (inverse simulation cell matrix).

What this means is that Miller indices are specified in terms of the periodic lattice defined by the three simulation cell vectors and not the physical lattice possibly formed by atoms or particles inside the simulation cell. The interplanar spacing, dhkl, is a function of the three cell vectors only (not the atomic positions).
The Miller index option of the Slice modifier simply provides a way to specify the plane's orientation and position relative to the simulation box.

Dear Alex,

Sorry for the late reply. Somehow I did not receive notification for this response on email.

Thank you very much for the clarification.

I was confused since miller indices are typically associated to crystal lattices.

Best regards,


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