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overlay spatial binning


I am trying to overlay a spatial binning plot to the render ports but i haven't been able to access the data. I know it is a data series but I don't know how to access to plot it. Help would be greatly appreciated. I could use a scatter plot also, but still I don't know how to access the data. Sorry for the probably silly question.



Hi Enrique,

Not a silly question at all. The scripting documentation is still very scarce when it comes to data series and how to access their data. I still got to write the documentation.

In the meantime, let me give you a code snippet demonstrating what you need to do:

# Evaluate the data pipeline containing the spatial binning modifier:
data = pipeline.compute()
# Print the list of available data series keys in case you don't know 
# the key of the data series you are looking for. 

# Look up the data series you are interested in:
series = data.series['binning[Centrosymmetry]']

# Turn the DataSeries object into a Nx2 numpy array containing the x-y data points:
xy_data = series.as_table()

Let me know if you have any further questions.


Hi Alex,


Thanks a lot! The print statement is the key, I think.

Now, I want to make a movie with the plot showing each frame. As is , it is plotting always the same frame. Is there a way to do this?

Thanks again! Ovito is a great tool!


Make sure you pass the current animation frame to the Pipeline.compute() method; otherwise it will evaluate the data pipeline at frame 0 by default. For example:

def render(args):
    pipeline = args.scene.selected_pipeline
    data = pipeline.compute(args.frame)


There we go!

Fantastic Alex, thanks a lot!


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