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File import

Dear users,

I am using ovito 3.1.1 version on window 64. I found out that as soon as I loaded my work into ovito platform, the start/stop animation playback did not work or activate. The job I uploaded was lammps dumb FILE. Please, kindly tell me what to do or what is happening? Thanks.


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Dear Peter,

From your screenshot I can see that you are using OVITO 2.9.
OVITO 3.x will automatically detect if a lammps dump file contains multiple timesteps. In OVITO 2.9 you still have to make sure to activate the option "File contains multiple timesteps" in the Data source settings.


Dear Constanze,

Thanks for your response. However, it was a mistake to upload screen shot from OVITO 2.9 I wanted to upload 3.1.1. Meanwhile even when i used OVITO 3.1.1, I still encountered the same problem. I have attached another screenshot for Ovito 3.1.1 to this mail. Please, assist me. Thanks.


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Does your file contain multiple snapshots or not? From your screenshot it looks like you imported a single file that contains the atom configuration at timestep 9000.

Please explain if you are trying to import a single file (containing multiple timesteps) or a series of many files, that each contain one timestep.

I am trying to import a single file containing multiple timesteps (atom configuration at timestep 9000).

Sorry I still can't make sense of what you're trying to do. Could you just show me the lammps dump command you have used?

I think I have figured out what is going on.