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Particle properties visualization


I have a box containing two types of spheres (not overlapping). I did achieve some of the desired properties and introduced them to the XYZ file using "JMOL" when  I open the XYZ file by ovito, I can't find the changes I did.

I want to be able to increase the box length and see the particles by making sure that there is no overlapping.

Is that possible? I attached the XYZ file.


Uploaded files:


In general you can use an AffineTransformationModifier (see linked manual entry) to modify the cell parameters.

However, in order to analyze if there are overlapping particles I would recommend to use an instance of the Compute Property modifier to find and select all particles that have neighbors within a very small cutoff radius range (as shown in the example screenshot).




Uploaded files:
  • compute_property_modifier.png

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