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Qt: Session management error: networkIdsList argument is NULL


I'm trying to get ovito work on a Centos-7.0 machine. By running

LD_DEBUG=libs LD_LIBRARY_PATH= ./ovito &> logfile.dump

I get the attached file.

Please note that I had to put the* files (found in this forum) in .../lib/ovito/


Thank you in advance


Uploaded files:


I haven't seen the message "Qt: Session management error: networkIdsList argument is NULL" before. I'm not sure though if it really is a fatal error. It could be just an incidental warning message that has no impact on the operation of OVITO.

From the log file you attached it seems that initialization of OVITO continues more or less normally after the message was printed to the terminal. What does actually happen when you run OVITO like this? Does it terminate immediately? Do you see the main window popping up?

And another question: Did you already try the latest build dev539? Or is there a specific reason you are still using dev234?


Thank you for the prompt reply.

You are right, by using the latest dev539 it works fine, just printing the

"Qt: Session management error: networkIdsList argument is NULL"

which is indeed just a warning.

I was interested in dev234 because I have some program state files saved with that version. Anyway it's not a crucial issue.


Thank you!