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Reading separate position and velocities files


I am trying to read two separate LAMMPS dump files: one contains the positions of atoms and one contains the velocities for the same set of particles. I cannot figure out if this is doable in OVITO. Any help is greatly appreciated.




Hi Filip,

You can try to use the Load Trajectory modifier to load the dump file with the particle velocities. In principle this modifier allows you to load additional per-particle information from a file and merge it with the existing particle data. But I have to admit I am not entirely sure myself whether this will work or not. The dump file reader and/or the Load Trajectory modifier may have a problem with datasets not containing the standard "Position" particle property.

If this approach fails for some reason, your only option will be to write a user-defined modifier function in Python that reads the velocity data directly from the dump file (without using Ovito's built-in dump file reader). I can help you with that step if needed.


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