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Remote file loading from SSH in basic ovito 3.2.0

Earlier version of ovito (2.9) used to ask the username and password for loading remote files. but the present version is not giving chance to enter user name. it is taking by default linux system user ID. my remote access file user name is completely different form system user ID.


In OVITO 3.x, it should be possible for you to explicitly specify the SSH login name as part of the remote file URL:


Here, "user" should be replaced with the SSH login name. Furthermore, OVITO will parse your ~/.ssh/config configuration file. That should give you another way of specifying the SSH login name for a remote host if the URL does not contain an explicit login name.

Did you already try any of these methods?


Thank you sir. it is working. however, in version 2.9, just by simply dragging cfg file from remote access used to connect the path by asking username and password. now also connecting sir but taking Ubuntu username and asking remote access password.

OVITO 3.x contains a new SSH client, which works differently from the old one in OVITO 2.9. The reason for this change is to support SSH public key authentication and the SSH standard config file mechanism.

Where exactly are you dragging the cfg file from? Is this a file manager program supporting remote file browsing? During this drag-and-drop operation the file manager must be passing the file's sftp:// URL to OVITO. I am wondering how this URL looks like.