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Save spatial binning data

In Ovito 2.9.0 it was possible to save the spatial binning to a text file and that was a nice feature. In Ovito 3.0.0, though, it is not possible. I am wondering if that feature can be included again. Thanks!

Hello Felipe,

you're right, at the moment it is only possible to export 1d spatial binning data through the file-export function in the GUI, but being able to export the 2d and 3d Voxel grids that can be produced by the Spatial Binning Modifier is definitely on the list of things to be included in future releases.

For the moment, let me refer you to the following post where I explained how to use a python script modifier to export 2d and 3d grids.
Hope that helps,


Hi Felipe,

I have added support for a new output format to the latest build, Ovito 3.0.0-dev478, which permits exporting 2d and 3d grid data computed by the Spatial Binning modifier to a VTK output file. Simply use the normal File->Export File function from the main menu and select "VTK Voxel Grid File" as output format. The generated VTK files are text-based, easy to interpret and can be opened with the ParaView software if needed.

Let me know if you have any questions.


Hi Alex,

Thank you so very much. It works great!

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