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Selecting interface

Hwy, I've been trying to select just the interface in the following file, but I can't do it without having some extra atoms. Is it possible to select just the atoms that are on the interface?

Uploaded files:
  • Screenshot-from-2021-11-29-20-50-10.png


We will need some more information to be able to help you, i.e. what system is this and how do you define your interface?


Thank you for responding. This system is a iron bicrystal with bcc and fcc phases. The problem I'm having is that when I try to export this file above, it is unable to distinguish between the phases and reads everything as just bcc. Is there a way to differentiate the atoms in the data file while exporting?


Maybe I'm not clear enough.

The data file I am importing has a column "type" which is set to '1' for both fcc and bcc particles.

I am trying to create a smaller block which contains the interface, but when I export the file I've attached above, the resulting data file contains '1' for the column "type". I want to be able to assign values 1 to bcc atoms and 2 to fcc atoms. Is that possible?



Yes, that is possible. The Common Neighbor Analysis Modifier you have used will create a new particle property "Structure Type", which you can export along with the other particle properties. "Type" refers to the Particle Type in this context.

You should update your OVITO version, so you can see all particle properties present in your dataset in the Data inspector:

Thank you very much Constanze. It works.


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