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selection of an individual atom by ID

how select a atom by its ID and  hide other atoms to study its motion.



you can e.g. use the Expression Selection modifier to select all other particles (let's say you want to follow the particle that has the particle ID 10).

Then you can use the following expression: "ParticleIdentifier != 10" in the Expression selection modifier settings to select all particles that do not have the particle Identifier 10 (= all other particles).

In a next step, add a Delete Selected modifier to the pipeline to delete the selected atoms from the current Scene.

Does that answer your question?

thanks . yes thank you

but another question : how can I change the properties of selected atoms ?properties like radius or colour.?


In general you can control all these properties in the particle types settings in the pipeline editor (see attached screenshot) and through the python interface. Changing the particle colors or radii of a selection of atoms is also possible with these modifiers available in OVITO Basic:

  1. With the Assign Color modifier you can set the color property of your selection of atoms.
  2. To change the radius of a selection of atoms, you could use the Compute property modifier to generate a new particle property "Radius". Using the output property "Radius" in conjunction with the expression 2 in the modifiers settings will change the radius of all particles to 2. If you only want to change the radii of previously selected atoms you can activate the option "Compute only for selected atoms".


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