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Type of file that can be uploaded into OVITO

Dear Sir,

Whatever output file I create after running LAMMPS simulation, it does not get loaded into ovito.

It says "Could not detect the format of the file." How can I visualize my output file then?

Thank you.



Dear Anirudh,

This error is unexpected. OVITO should be able to read the output files written by LAMMPS just fine (at least the native LAMMPS dump format). Perhaps you are using a special LAMMPS dump command exporting the data to a third-party format not supported by OVITO. Could you please post the LAMMPS command that you used to write the file? Thanks.

Thank you for your reply sir.

I used the following command to access the input file, lammps executable and to store the output in a new file:

C:\Program Files\LAMMPS 64-bit 3Mar2020\Examples\Input 17th July>"C:\Program Files\LAMMPS 64-bit 3Mar2020\bin\lmp_serial.exe" -in "">"\Users\dell\Desktop\lammps_project\outputofAlFCC"




Uploaded files:

Apparently, you tried to open a LAMMPS log file with OVITO. Log files written by LAMMPS contain no atomistic data and OVITO cannot read them.

You need to include the dump command in your LAMMPS script to let LAMMPS write atomistic information (e.g. the atomic trajectories) to an output file. The resulting dump file can be opened with OVITO.

Thank you sir! I got it now..

what type of Material Studio export file can be uploaded into Ovito?

I'm not sure what file formats Materials Studio can write, because that is a product I am not familiar with. Do you know if the vendor provides a list of supported file formats?

Here is the list of formats OVITO can read: