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Using Ovito with lammps "fix imd"

Is it possible to use Ovito for the realtime visualization of lammps simulation?

No, not yet. But I like the idea, and something similar -- integrating LAMMPS into OVITO -- is already on our internal development roadmap for OVITO. In order to have OVITO connect to the server process started by the LAMMPS fix imd command or HOOMD's hoomd.analyze.imd command, I'll first have to reverse engineer and implement the client-part of the IMD network protocol. I cannot tell yet how much work this is going to be, because the IMD protocol is not documented anywhere, it seems.


There is an update regarding the Interactive Molecular Dynamics (IMD) capability in OVITO. I have implemented a new modifier, which allows you to receive live particle positions from a running LAMMPS simulation and visualize them in OVITO:

The new capability will be part of the upcoming release 3.2 of OVITO Basic and OVITO Pro.

Thank you, Alexander, for implementing this feature.