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Using the "Session state"

Dear all,

this is a really stupid question but how do I load the "session state" (by default with the file extension .ovito)?

I imported an xsf file into ovito, applied a few settings, save the "session file" and close ovito. If I open the "session state" (either by load session state or by drag and drop) my ovito always crashes. If I open it from a console I get the not so helpful "core dumped"

I am using OVITO Pro (Open Visualization Tool) Version 3.2.1, the xsf file and the .ovito file are in the same directory, the session state file is fairly small (31.7 kB) - is there anything else I need to open it successfully?




Hi Chris,

The behavior you describe sounds almost like a software bug. Is this reproducible, or does the program crash only if you try to open that one pathological .ovito file? Could you please attach the .ovito for me (and also the .xsf file if it is not too large)? I will check if the file is valid and or got corrupted for some reason. Thank you.

Note that OVITO's session state files are always quite small, because they never contain the original simulation data that was imported into the program. They only contain a reference to the original data file. When opening the state file, OVITO will also load the simulation data file again.


Dear Alexander,

thank you for your swift reply; now that I have tried to reproduce the crashes it seems to me that maybe I had saved some session files from an older version of OVITO, as long as I stay within my current version it seems to be working!

Sorry, this might be a "user bug" 😉



Thanks for letting me know that the problem is already gone, at least for the moment.

Of course, we would like to work on any backward compatibility issues with older OVITO versions if they exist. So, if you ever come across this type of problem again, please send us the .ovito file. Thanks.