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Voronoi Analysis - edge length threshold

In Ovito, there is the excellent option of using "Edge length threshold" when performing Voronoi analysis. However, I am trying to use voro++ code (to get information on the vertices of Voronoi polyhedra) and couldn't find this option. Can someone help me with this?


PS: Sorry, this is not technically  a Ovito-related question. Hoping Alex or someone familiar with voro++ can help.


Thanks, Ajay

Hi Ajay,

this feature is only part of OVITO not voro++, here's the corresponding code part of the Voronoi analysis modifier:

To avoid having to implement that yourself, I'm wondering if one could maybe output all edges using voro++ and then filter those that are larger than your specified threshold in post-processing. What do you think?



Hi Constanze,

Thanks for the info. Was hoping to use a simple command line option to execute this in voro++ but I will work on the lines of your suggestion.

Thanks again, Ajay

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