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Why does I cannot see particles with different radius

Hello all the users,


I am reading a dump file from lammps, where I have two particles size one is 25 nm and other is 50 nm. But whatever I set on the default particle radius, i get to visualise that only.

I tried searching alot But couldn't succeed. Attached dump file that I am reading on Ovito.

Thanks all in advance for any help!



IIT Bombay

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Dear Alok,

Your LAMMPS dump file contains a column named "diameter", which OVITO does not interpret. The values from that file column are read in by OVITO and then stored as a corresponding user-defined particle parameter. However, that property currently has no meaning to the program and is not used in any way during rendering of the particles.

What you need to do in this case is to transfer the information from the "diameter" particle property to the "Radius" particle property, which is used by OVITO to control the display size of the particles. This can be accomplished by inserting the Compute Property modifier into the data pipeline after importing the dump file.  The output property of the modifier should be set to "Radius" and the compute expression to "diameter/2", as shown in the attached screenshot.

By the way: If you let LAMMPS write the "radius" column to the dump file instead of the "diameter" column, then OVITO should directly pick up the information and the extra step described above is no longer necessary.


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Thanks a lot Dr. Alexander! I am able to do it in both the way, Ill go with writing radius in the dump file.

Thanks again !


I extended the dump file reader of OVITO today to directly support the "diameter" file column and perform the necessary division by 2. The next program update include the change.