Installation instructions

Binary program packages are available for Windows, Linux and macOS platforms and can be downloaded from 

Before installing OVITO, please make sure the graphics driver installed on your system is up to date. OVITO requires OpenGL graphics support.


OVITO for Windows is available as two different downloads: As an installer program and as a zip archive. The latter allows extracting the OVITO program files into your home folder in case you do not have administrator privileges and a system-wide installation is not possible.

Using the installer program:

Run the downloaded installer program ovito-x.y.z-win64.exe and install OVITO in a directory of your choice. Windows might ask whether you really want to launch the program, because it was downloaded from the web and is not digitally signed. After installation is complete, you can find a new entry for OVITO in the Windows start menu.

Using the zip archive:

Extract the downloaded zip archive to a location of your choice on your computer. The extracted folder contains a file ovito.exe. Double-click it to start OVITO.


Double-click the .dmg disk image file downloaded from the OVITO website to open it, agree to the program license, and drag the Ovito application bundle into your Applications folder. Then start OVITO by double-clicking the application bundle.

Note to OVITO 2.9.0 users: On some systems, the first attempt to start up OVITO after installation may fail. Simply try it a second time.


Extract the downloaded .tar.xz archive using the tar command, e.g.: tar xJvf ovito-3.0.0-x86_64.tar.xz. This will create a new subdirectory containing the program package. Change into the new directory and start OVITO by running the executable ./bin/ovito.

Source code

The source code of OVITO is hosted on Please see the manual for build instructions.

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