Animation settings dialog

This dialog box can be accessed from the animation toolbar at the bottom of the main window:

It allows you to change animation-related settings of the current scene, e.g. the frame rate or the length of the animation.

More information is found in the documentation of OVITO's animation system.


Frames per second

Sets the playback speed of the animation in frames per second. This determines the frame rate of video files generated by OVITO.

Animation start / end

Sets the length of the animation to be rendered. This also selects the time interval shown by the timeline in OVITO's main window.

Playback speed in viewports

Controls the playback speed of the animation in OVITO's interactive viewports. This factor is multiplied with the frame rate parameter above. Note that the effective playback speed may be much lower if loading, computing, and displaying frames takes too long.

Loop playback

Controls the whether OVITO plays back the animation in the viewport in a loop. Otherwise, playback stops when the end of the animation is reached.