License management

OVITO Pro must be activated after installation in order to use it on a new computer. During this one-time activation step the validity of the license key and your entitlement to use the software will be verified by our cloud-based licensing server.

Activate OVITO Pro

The first time you start up OVITO Pro after a fresh installation, or whenever a previous activation became invalid, you will be presented with the License Activation Dialog shown on the right.

Important notes:

  • You must successfully complete the following activation procedure in order to unlock and use the software. If you cancel the activation process before completion, OVITO Pro will quit and the license activation dialog will reappear again next time you start the software.
  • The following steps require an active internet connection as OVITO Pro will send a request to our cloud service in order to validate your license status and mark your installation of the software as active in our records.

You need to enter the OVITO Pro license key that you received from us or that was handed to you by the person who bought the license (in case you are a member of a team owning a group license). Visit and log in to your OVITO account to retrieve the license key associated with your past purchases.

In the second input field, enter the name of your personal OVITO account, which you previously created on our website Typically, your account name is identical with the email address you have specified during the registration process. The OVITO account you enter will be registered as an active user of the license key, giving you access to any online support services we provide on our website to paying customers only.

Note that is possible to associate several OVITO accounts with the same group license key. For example, each member of a team can install and activate their own copy of OVITO Pro using their personal OVITO online account. All registered members will be then have access to online customer services.

Click Continue to perform the activation. OVITO Pro will now contact our licensing server to validate the license key and register your installation of the software. If either the entered license key or account name are invalid, OVITO Pro will display a corresponding error message and let you correct your input.

During the activation process, the Machine ID and the User ID, displayed at the bottom of the dialog, will be transmitted to our licensing server. They are one-way hash values generated by OVITO Pro to uniquely identify your local computer and your operating system account. To prevent unauthorized use of the software, your activated installation will be tied to these identifiers.

If the activation was successful, you can close the dialog and start using OVITO Pro. A software entitlement record, issued by our licensing server and digitally signed, is now stored in your computer's home directory unlocking the software.

Online license validation

From time to time OVITO Pro needs to check your entitlement to use the software by validating it against our own records. The license validation happens sporadically (typically once a week) on program startup and requires a working internet connection.

Without internet connectivity, you can continue using OVITO Pro offline – but only for a limited period of time. After a grace period of 14 days without successful validation attempts, OVITO Pro will block the further use of the software until the next time the license can be successfully validated by connecting to our server.

Deactivating an installation

Your OVITO Pro license allows you to use the software only on a limited number of computers simultaneously. This limit is enforced by the licensing server. Once the maximum allowed number of installations has been exhausted, attempts to activate OVITO Pro on additional computers will be rejected by the licensing server.

In order to install OVITO Pro on another machine, for instance after a hardware replacement, employee turnover or reinstallation of the operating system, you should first deactivate an existing OVITO Pro installation that is no longer needed. This is done online by visiting the URL After logging in with your OVITO account, the page lists all active OVITO Pro installations currently linked to your account. Click on Deactivate installation to remove an installation from our records, which will also disable the software on your machine.

This deactivation step decrements the usage counter of the license, and you will again be eligible for activating OVITO Pro on a new workstation.

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Für Endkunden aus Deutschland besteht die Möglichkeit eine OVITO Pro Lizenz über den Direktvertrieb mit der OVITO GmbH zu erwerben. Bitte kontaktieren Sie dazu unser Vertriebsbüro.
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